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10 x Thai Frog beetle cocoons

10 x Thai Frog beetle cocoons

I’m so pleased that my Thai frog beetle cocoons finally arrived last week. 

But not so pleased I couldn’t find a book on captive breeding this difficult species though (surprised and nervous when Petr of www.Flower-Beetles.com informed me that the Sagra buqueti can be troublesome).

And…then delighted to have found snippets of beneficial (I hope!) info on the BugNation site after doing a search.  This email to Petr, about my new found advice, I have  pasted below.  Just in case any other budding beetle breeders want to have a go with the elusive frog beetle.  😉

I’m wondering if my particular frog beetles are Sagra femorate
(Chrysomelidae)…?  I think the Sagra Buqueti are from Malaysia.


Petr, no such luck on finding ANYTHING worthwhile on captive breeding of the Sagra buqueti on Amazon…

However!, found this link –


It seems Berlin Zoo had success in breeding them. 

” Hello all,
try it with sweet potato.
The zoo from Berlin has good experience (Insectarium)
The adults feed on the leafes,
and the larvas at the roots.
Put the potatos in the ground. look for good humidity and around 28 degrees.
They will grow up to more then 50cm.
It looks like a jungle in a tank

Jumnos ”

Apparently, in the wild they eat kudzu – whatever that is!!

So…I better get growing Sweet Potatoes!




http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~ch2m-nitu/thaie.htm   Thai insect stamps, including the Frog beetle.


http://www.thaibugs.com/?page_id=282   A collection of lovely photos of the



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