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Streaked bombardier (Brachinus sclopeta) © Benoit Martha

Streaked bombardier (Brachinus sclopeta) © Benoit Martha

The problem ~

Due to the eradication of farm land, wild meadows, ancient woods and hedgerows; from people having manicured gardens, and unstable weather conditions, we are losing our important insects.

‘If we and the rest of the back-boned animals were to disappear overnight, the rest of the world would get on pretty well. But if the invertebrates were to disappear, the world’s ecosystems would collapse.’

~ Sir David Attenborough

Why are invertebrates important to us? ~

Aside from the fact that some of us find them fascinating, our very existence is dependent on insects, to read why, click *HERE* to be taken to the Bug Life’s page.

What we can do ~

Let a patch of nettles along with other weeds thrive in a small part of your garden. Make a log pile, it doesn’t need to be big, a few logs will do. Insects – so beneficial to us humans – need certain weeds to live and feed from. Logs make great homes for beetles and other small creatures such as frogs.

Carefully remove bees etc, using a drinking glass and a piece of stiff paper to put them outside when they’ve become trapped in our homes.

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