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My pet beetle, John The 3rd (above), a Homoderus gladiator stag beetle, recently went to Beetle Heaven. He was a beautiful and fascinating pet beetle to watch, he loved his food and I do miss him.

The Homoderus gladiator are prone to losing their limbs, the poor things, which obviously impacts their mobility – or lack of. With missing leg parts they are forever falling over and like the tortoise (or turtle) once on their backs it can mean death if they’re not able to turn over, or you (pet beetle owner) do it for them…I’m often using cotton buds and pencils to set them back on their feet!

The Homoderus gladiator, the males have fearsome looking antlers!

Familia: Lucanidae
Subfamilia: Lucaninae
Tribus: Homoderini
Genus: Homoderus
Species: Homoderus gladiator
Subspecies: H. g. gladiator – H. g. johnstoni

Homoderus gladiator Jakowlew, 1895


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