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This little beetle didn’t want to be handled: in the above photo you can see her wings beginning to outstretch, moments before making a short return flight into the Sagra Abode!

Gold Bug.  Doesn’t look real, does she?

The Frog beetles don’t fly much, preferring to climb.

I’ve had success, finally, in growing kudzu from seed.  This is the food needed to feed their young (the grubs).  In the wild, the babies eat the kudzu root.  Sweet potato is another alternative I’ve heard.  There’s 6 small pots of kudzu growing in my polytunnel greenhouse.  The Sagra is a difficult beetle to breed so this food for their offspring is essential.

If I get any kudzu seeds or have extra plants to sell I’ll let you know 😉

My 3 x frog beetles have been mating so I am hoping the ladies will be laying eggs – if they haven’t already.


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