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I am trapped.  Sitting here, poking at the keyboard with just the one hand – the other being occupied, a momentary restaurant whose speciality today is beetle jelly.  I lick my finger…pineapple?

Earlier I had coaxed 2 of the Sagras onto my hand.  That takes a lot of patience and strategic maneavouring…a gentle nudge here and a sudden finger escape route is revealed after the earlier exit had been curiously blocked.  After the golden-green one had landed in the jelly pot I replaced both inside the Sagra Abode; the remaining blue Sagra continues to feed off the small blob of jelly in my hand.

I worry about them because unlike the other beetles I’ve kept – and keep – they seem to be reluctant eaters.  Preferring to spend their all too short lives (a duration of a few weeks) hanging upside down from the ceiling with occassional mating (whilst continuing to suspend from the ceiling…Kama Sutra for beetles?!).

[Above photo: a Sagra fermonta, Thai Frog beetle, June 2011.]

Last month I had a huge surprise: John, my big fat Chelorrhina Polyphemus grub had finally decided to cocoon!  SIX MONTHS AFTER the last of his 5 siblings had died.  I was thinking he’d never make it to cocoon-hood.  He’d been fed bits of chicken and beef for a while, which he’d clearly relished.  Now I’m wondering whether he’s going to take 3 times as long pupating into adulthood.  I would have taken a photo but the little noodle has set his cocoon against the side of the old lolly pop box where the sticker is!

Sudden change of English weather this week, gone the heatwave, replaced with torrential downpours and despite their own private ‘suns’ (*cough* heatlamps), the flower beetles are reluctant to even get out of bed (don’t we all know that feeling sometimes?).

[Above photo: a Stephanorrhina julia, either Mr or Mrs Bella, August 2010.]

Many thanks to Petr and Andre for the Stephanorrhina julias 😀  They were my first ever beetle (Mr + Mrs Bella) and remain my True Love.  Some are grubs, 4 are cocoons and 6 male adults hopefully to arrive tomorrow (Monday).

Signing off now, I’m afraid I’ve a numb hand and have got the keyboard keys tacky with beetle jelly…


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