Fircones –
Natural, pretty – and practical!

24th April 2011

Last Sunday we took a trip out to Bacton Woods, my mum and me. Of course I took along bags for collecting dry discarded oak leaves, small sticks, and a few fircones.

When you keep exotics in vivariums you get bored just looking at ‘earth’ and piles of sticks. You want to decorate your pets’ abodes – make it more comfortable for them, and more attractive for you to look at. So I thought the fircones a fine idea. I ended up collecting 3 sorts (I didn’t realise they differed!) and put some in the 2 vivariums.

The beetles – especially the Pachnoda Sinuatas – were curious. They buzzed over and inspected the fircones, they liked perching in them for a while. And, later, when I sprayed the water – which I do daily to help humidify their homes – the water soaked the fircones too; water droplets found places within the fircone ‘points’, creating tiny pools. At once the beetles climbed the fircones and searched out the water pools for a drink.

Fircones make excellent natural water cups 🙂


Wild woodland flowers spotted (I am learning) – Common Dog Violet, Stitchwort, Wild Primrose, and an abundance of Dandelions (my Hermann tortoise would have been pleased!)



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