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(what is a more appropriate name for a metallically blue coloured beetle?!  Which will no doubt lead to name-calling complications further on when the other 8 x Sagra have emerged…)

ventures out sometimes.  Climbs the glass walls and the open doors of the Sagra Abode to see the wider world.  I usually catch him doing it, but he’s so quiet, and two nights ago he snuck out in such a secretive manner, I didn’t notice him leaving… and suddenly there he was perched high on the roof, long antennae slightly bobbing, peering over the edge, contemplating where to go next on that particular adventure.  Of course he had no say in that matter as a giant hand then scooped him up.

Blue’s unfortunate sibling who passed away just after a couple of days of emerging, is now being preserved in vodka, in a glass jar, together with the lifeless body of one of the Poly (Chelorrhina Polyphemus) females (either Anne, Mary or Catherine – not sure which, they all look the same to me!)  I added a drop of authentic aromatherapy oil, Lime, to make things smell nicer.  I’m just hoping that wasn’t a mistake and is sapping out all the colour of the beetles.  Petr advised gin, he says it smells nicer than vodka, but I’m just thinking it’s because he’s got a bottle of it under his bed.



All Poly Beetles are being really quiet for the past week.  I’ve only seen one of the females eating beetle jelly, the others are all underground – dead or alive.


[Above: silhouettes of my Frog Beetle, who is standing on the edge of the glass, open door.]


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