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Thank you to William Van of http://www.edupic.net/ for sharing his photographs of the beautifully striped Darkling Beetle.

You can read about the darkling beetle here: http://lhsfoss.org/fossweb/teachers/materials/plantanimal/tenebriobeetles.html

“Mealworms and darkling beetles are excellent classroom animals—they exhibit interesting behaviors, they are small but not tiny, they don’t bite, smell, fly, or jump, and they are extremely easy to care for. Mealworms live right in a container of their food source: bran, cornmeal, rolled oats, breakfast flakes, or chick starter mash. All are excellent foods, but bran and chick starter are recommended. The food must be kept dry. Mealworms can go through their complete life cycle without any added water (they are very efficient at extracting water from the food), but it is recommended that small bits of apple, potato, or carrot be added from time to time.”

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Stephanie Faith 2011