Christmas has come early for me.

I was thinking I had failed with breeding Mr + Mrs Bella, that although I had tried to give them the correct conditions – humidity-wise, substrate-wise, diet-wise, temperature-wise – I had got it somehow wrong…

I thought it was such a pity that I hadn’t been successful breeding them. The Aphelorrhina Stephanorrhina (not Bella!; which is a close relation and very easy to confuse with) are such a pretty beetle, and now that Mr Bella had passed on, there was no chance of any babies.

Mr Bella

Mr Bella

But, today, whilst setting up the big vivarium (a good pre-loved bargain from ebay) for the emerging Chelorrhina Polyphemus I found otherwise: I was shovelling in some of the old substrate that I had left in Mr + Mrs Bella’s previous abode, and to my surprise I noticed a wriggling fat grub.  Huh?!  How did that get there?

Then it dawned on me – this grub had to be an offspring from the Bellas!  I was amazed that it appeared to be healthy considering it hadn’t been fed or cared for all this time.  And, then I realised: there must be more of them!

So, with great excitement I sifted through the old substrate with bare hands (fearing that the shovel might cut any living grubs in half) – and came across 9 more… TEN beetle children from Mr + Mrs Bella! 😀

Now they are all in a small ice cream tub (without the ice cream 😉 ) but with their old substrate and a couple of pieces of banana for a celebratory dinner.


What lovely little Christmas surprises 🙂

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