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Latest pics of the beautiful Mrs Bella!

Mrs Bella seems to enjoy the company of her latest house guests.  Experts say that beetles are solitary beings and only cluster for reasons other than social… (mating, clustered together in a sunny patch, eating) but I’ve noticed her sitting nearby when one or more of the others are out, above ground.

In certain light she is brilliantly shiny, like bathed in baby oil!  I’m sure if it existed in the beetle world, she would be the number 1 pinup!  Hehe 😀

I wonder how our wild British beetles are coping with this unusual cold weather (it’s very early for us).

In all – as of now –

I have 5 of the 6 Chelorrhina Polyphemus cocooning; the last one is still enormously enjoying his / her food (which is gone in seconds!) – this is the very beetle grub that did a fast sit-up in my hand to try and nip me!  I was so proud of his / her tenacious spirit I stuck a special sticker on his / her tub as I am curious as to what kind of personality he / she will have as an adult beetle.

3 x Smaragdesthes Africana Oertzeni are cocooning – 2 in perfect egg shaped little 1 inch balls, the other I had accidently cracked open and this grub is forever escaping from his broken cocoon 😦  yes, I feel bad.

1 x Pachnoda Sinuata is also nicely cocooning.

I am ashamed to say that I only have ONE Eudicella Aethiopica beetle grub now.  He / she is very fat and healthy – no surprises there, as I realised – too late! – that he / she had eaten all its 5 x siblings!!  😦

Other beetle children are nicely fatted grubs and must be cocooning soon…  How appropriate it would be if they all emerged Christmas Day!  My dear Dad would be fascinated I’m sure 🙂

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