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Millipede Sleeping Bag

This here is the sleeping~bag~come~tunnel I made for my giant black millys, Millicent + Licquourice.  Made from golden coloured felt, lined with faux leopard fur: perfect for curling up in during those colder nights!

And they DO use it!  They love sleeping in there ~ it’s a wonder they don’t get stuck when they both try to bypass one another, hehe :p

If anybody reading this would like one for their millys, you can email me @

millicent @ sewingtoys.com

~ don’t forget to close the spaces……so much spam these days it’s a right nuisance! 😦

Millipede Sleeping Bags are priced at £8 including UK postage (outside UK around £11).  You can specify preferred colours and materials.

Copyright Stephanie Faith 2010