Just some messing about I did in Photoshop recently.


New Beetles!

Mecynorrhina ugandensis, dark green (female) – Dicronorhina derbyana layardi (pair)

The pictures are manipulated images of my exotic beetle vivarium.  I didn’t intend for anything ‘arty’ but the photo I took of my new xl beetles, because of the dull lighting, wasn’t clear enough – so I just turned it into a shape / mood thing!  Left, at the back, is the silhouette of one beetle (climbing the golden roses tree) – and right, in the container, is another beetle which can’t be made out. 

Gosh, do they love that beetle jelly!

They were so hungry, the 3 of them after their long trip from Germany, poor babies!

IF you really like these pics you can click on each one separately to enlarge it – 1000 x 800 big.

Will tell you more about them soon.  They are beauties!! 😀

Mrs Bella

Mrs Bella

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