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My Pink Legged Millipedes

Here are some photos of Krueger + Vorhees (blame Fiance for the names!).  Such friendly, adventurous critters, love running all over my hands…up arms, till they reach the mountain peak of shoulders and then try to run down my back!

You have to be so careful handling them as they are small and delicate.

They feel very different to the other giant millipedes, their little pink legs softly tickle ~ very pleasant!  But I like handling the large black ones too, their feet are sort of prickly.  When you look at their feet it seems they have tiny claws.  All millipedes gently hook onto your skin ~ and no it’s not painful at all.  It is advised to handle them gently whilst sitting down because millys can suddenly become ‘unhooked’ and fall.  I really love these unusual pets.  I’m hoping to get some of those vividly pink coloured Thai ones next!  😀

By the way……………there will be a brand new millipede site: I will update you soon with the details 😉

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