Archispirostreptus gigas the exotic name for the Giant Black Millipede

They [Archispirostreptus gigas] are the largest species [of millipedes] in the world and much fatter than most other millipedes, they are more like little snakes really! They are also one of the easiest species to keep, and very easy to breed if you want to as well. They grow slowly though, it takes a while for them to get massive, but…….. they often live for 7 – 10 years!  They have no special substrate requirements either, so much easier than beetles in that respect. ~ Andre, of Pet Insects

Oh I am tempted :p ~ and, note to Fiance, if I do succumb, “I *will* stop here with the millys! 😮

~ photo by eggybird ~

~ photo by eggybird ~

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