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I’m getting these soon http://www.naturalworlds.org/scarabaeidae/species/Chelorrhina_polyphemus.htm as L3 grubs.  I notice it says that the larvae tend to have cannabalistic tendacies, think I’ll be separating the siblings!

According to http://www.flower-beetles.com/chelorrhina.html these are easy to breed.

* U P D A T E *

These arrived, fat and healthy.  Each one in his / her separate container (at least 10 cm of substrate – loose and airy; oak leaf mulch – needed for the larvae).  They’ve been given apple slices and dog biscuits as they need protein.  Andre of Pet Insects advises extra protein for this type of flower beetle larvae. 

I will be interviewing Andre who specialises in flower beetles and is one of the UK’s main breeders of Goliathus preissi and Goliathus goliatus.  If you have any questions you’d like to ask Andre on this topic, please email your questions to me ~

 iloveflowerbeetles @ stephaniefaith . net

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