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I was so pleased when I bought a CLEAR plastic box, 45 litres big, costing just £5 the other day, that I have to tell you about it.

Obviously the pet market is a £££ lucrative £££ one but when something is NOT marketed towards pets it can be much cheaper.  I had looked at many normal storage plastic boxes, the ones with the lids and of larger sizes 30 litre + but all of them had walls which were not clear enough to see through.

Then I was shopping at a discount store not far from me, and came across the 45 L Crystal Box & Lid Clear from www.whatmoreuk.com made in the EU.  Cheap at £5 but not of inferior quality, the plastic is durable and the lid fits snugly with a nice sounding ‘click’.

I will add a photo of my one here ~


As the flower beetles need some air circulation – bearing in mind that the conditions also have to be humid! – I took my time in carefully punching through a few air holes in the lid (don’t make too many because of the humidity levels needed though).  To do this I first made an indent with a sharp screwdriver and then slowly, carefully, pushed through a large sewing needle.  (The general rule of less is better should be applied in this case since it’s easier to add additional venting holes if needed than to take them away).  Please note:  Children, please get an adult to do this!

Flower Beetles are moving in today 😉